Samurai Smoke and Odor Eliminator


Samurai Smoke and Odor Eliminator is effective against ALL organic smells (odorous compounds). Eliminates odor in minutes (dry time), not hours. Samurai is not perfume based. Samurai uses a blend of iodine, cuprous iodine, salfamic acid, potassium bicarbonate, and water. Spray in the air or all hard surfaces in a fine mist on or above affected areas. Safe for human and animal contact.

Samurai Smoke and Odor is a scientifically proven smoke and odor eliminator. Through the use of common essential nutrients, it breaks down all organically derived smoke and odor by means of safe gentle and effective oxidation.

Key Features

  • Samurai Smoke and Odor Eliminator is not a masking agent. It eliminates odor on contact!
  • Eliminates odor in minutes vs hours.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Utilizes micro-nutrients for odor control
  • It is non-scented and will not leave an after-odor.
  • Whether you smoke at home or in your car, Samurai can be used for both. It will permanently eliminate odor until you smoke again.
  • Samurai can also be used on smelly gym shoes or sports shoes like soccer cleats, even equipment. Just use 4-5 sprays to eliminate the odor on contact.
  • Samurai can also be used with pet odors associated with pet stains.
  • Use Samurai in your closet containing dirty laundry, or in the bathroom to help eliminate bio odor.

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