Samurai Smoke 1 oz. Bottle

The 1 oz. bottle is perfect for on-the-go discretion. Get rid of the smells from smoking whatever it is you smoke, quickly and easily. Spray before any upcoming job interview or important date to get rid of the smoke smell from smoking. Driving with someone in a car? 4-5 sprays is all it takes to get rid of any unnatural smell. Parents coming over to visit you in college? A couple sprays here and there and they’ll just assume that you study all day like a good kid!

Use Samurai in your closet containing dirty laundry, or in the bathroom to help eliminate bio odor. Samurai can also be used on smelly gym shoes or sports shoes like soccer cleats, even equipment. Just use 4-5 sprays to eliminate the odor on contact.

Samurai Smoke 8 oz. Bottle

The 8 oz. bottle is perfect for continual descretion. Leave one in your home, your car, and even at work for instant refills on the go. Need to get rid of smells in the common areas of your dorm? The 8 oz. bottle is perfect for this exact scenario.

Samurai Smoke 16 oz. Bottle

The 16 oz. bottle is perfect for heavy users that need to constantly refill their 1 oz. bottles. Perfect for getting rid of smells in an entire house, car, truck, SUV, motor-home, or boat. Live your life however you want and still show up for social gatherings and meetings devoid an distracting smells.

Packaged Deals/Reseller

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